Our products are 100% produced in Bahrain

A new initiative towards the advancement of agriculture in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Learn more

Fresh veggies from our farms!

Here is our selection of vegetables

Red Chilli

Green Oakleaf

Yellow Capiscum

Lollo Rosso


Red Cherry Tomato


Goat Milk?

Dairy product which are natural, No added hormones or chemicals, It's "Nothing but Milk".

Our products are perfect ingredients for many delicious healthy dishes. try them for yourself!

We Use Reliable Methods to Deliver the Best

We use the best systems to deliver the best products

We at Peninsula Farms strive to bring to our customers; premium grade hydroponic produce as well as fresh goat milk products which maximize the potential of healthy living.


Hydroponic systems utilize a form of agriculture by supplying plants with nutrients without the use of soil.


A vegetable structure which allows the core plant to produce a multitude of uniformly sized leaves.


Our entire selection of dairy products are Pasteurized in order to stay fresh. It involves heating the milk to kill most of harmful microorganisms.